I was having dinner with friends the other night, and before I could even finish talking about my philosophy on Video Marketing, the friend said "research shows that people will connect with a story and it gets locked into their long-term memory."  


In today's world, people want to connect with your story.  They want to develop a relationship with you.  If they know what your selling, you shouldn't really have to remind them of that.  They want to know "why" they should work, buy or trust you!  Not every story needs a big "come to Jesus" moment, but think about it:  Why should anyone want what you're selling?  Why not help them jump the fence and stay in your yard?!  

Here's an example of what we created for the Brighton Equestrian Club.  If you drove by, you'd see a big red barn on some beautiful property.  If you saw their logo, you'd think "oh, so it's a horse club".  But just wait until you hear their story!  It's more than a barn!  I was both honored and grateful that they trusted me to listen to their story and translate it into the most creative version I could think of.  Here are two "teasers" from what will be a complete Documentary type film.  Don'tcha just want to hear more?!