This is how your video content can attract attention!  Just by raising my own personal bar by trying to make what could have been a simple announcement into something fun translated into over 1,000 Views in 24 hours!  It doesn't hurt that my subject/client is so like-able and allows me a great deal of freedom to be the best me I can be, but THAT'S what I call creative marketing!

So what are you  doing to raise your marketing bar?  The most common roadblock small or medium sized businesses create is the misconception that shooting your personal videos can be too expensive.  That's not always true and more importantly, what is growing awareness for your business worth to you?  

We try to find ways to make this work financially.  One of the business models I have been working with has been lowering the financial burden by committing to more than one video.  I think that this is a win for businesses because just one video can come and go, but if you put in the effort to create several, then you've already created a library to recycle.  So you actually win twice!  If you'd like to jump on this marketing rocket ship and start creating videos that work for your business, contact us to begin chatting.  And in case you haven't seen this film, here's another look.

 Enjoy!  We did!