What an Actor knows about business

 Yes!  It's a wig!

Yes!  It's a wig!

My wife reminds me all of the time that I need to do more to let people know where my experience and expertise come from when it comes to Story Telling.  As anyone in business knows, it's hard to dedicate time to your own marketing if you are wearing all of the hats.  I used to take time by claiming Monday's as Marketing Mondays.  That's when I'd do all of my emails, website updates, social media scheduling of posts, etc... So last Monday, I took the time to finally update my website and share that my experiences have traveled from Broadway to Brighton.  Hope you check it out.  Just scroll down on our home page and you'll see some pictures of my singing, dancing acting glory days!  Talk about Throwback Thursday!

     In today's post, I just want to share a couple thoughts to prep for some upcoming events I'd like to present.  My brain has been so busy thinking about my life as a professional actor and how it all relates to business.  I want to help businesses with this information because I've watched from my marketing eye where the trend is going.  


     Years ago, I was having a discussion with my Father-in-law regarding my pricing for photography.  I was trying to be both competitive, yet not devalue my work.  I wanted to be affordable to everyone, yet continue to make this work while the field was growing every day!

But my Dad chimed in with a thought that has stuck with me and has helped me help my overall approach with clients ever since.  He said "I don't pay you for the prints.  I pay you for your expertise.  I pay you for your artistry.  I pay you for your experience and professionalism".  

That guy was SO smart...

In one sentence, He gave me confidence and a reminder that I wasn't just like everyone with a camera.  This also gave me focus ever since to be shared with all of my clients.  You are all experts in your field and people should know that!  

It was then that my Father-in-law and my wife made me step out and remind people that I have all of this experience in story telling.  They would say "who else has been on tv, in movies and on Broadway?  Who else has YOUR EXPERIENCE TELLING STORIES in this area?!"  Again, I was reminded that it's okay to be uniquely me and share that information.  And this, again, was an important quality in my mission: to celebrate every client to this day!


What is my point?  It's SO important to tell your story so that people know that you are special.  People know what you do by what's on your website.  Do you even know your story?  Do you know how to know what is important about your story?  There's just so much I can't wait to share from my years in the entertainment industry that I hope will help your business.  I've been seeing the word "story" so much in commercials nowadays, which I've been saying for the last 4 years, but here's the thing:  Do you know how story telling relates to your business?  Do you know how to be effective as a story teller?  

     There's so much from my experience that I'm excited to share!  And it's not just me trying to sell ya something.  I think doing good business means understanding that we are problem solvers first.  There is so much about being an actor or director that translates into developing, growing and sustaining business that it's got my brain going non stop.  I can't wait to share all of this information to help you stand out, get people listening to you and get noticed.   


Invite your audience to trust you by telling your story, not selling your product!

I was having dinner with friends the other night, and before I could even finish talking about my philosophy on Video Marketing, the friend said "research shows that people will connect with a story and it gets locked into their long-term memory."  


In today's world, people want to connect with your story.  They want to develop a relationship with you.  If they know what your selling, you shouldn't really have to remind them of that.  They want to know "why" they should work, buy or trust you!  Not every story needs a big "come to Jesus" moment, but think about it:  Why should anyone want what you're selling?  Why not help them jump the fence and stay in your yard?!  

Here's an example of what we created for the Brighton Equestrian Club.  If you drove by, you'd see a big red barn on some beautiful property.  If you saw their logo, you'd think "oh, so it's a horse club".  But just wait until you hear their story!  It's more than a barn!  I was both honored and grateful that they trusted me to listen to their story and translate it into the most creative version I could think of.  Here are two "teasers" from what will be a complete Documentary type film.  Don'tcha just want to hear more?!

A little camera trickery = 1900 views in 24 hours!

This is how your video content can attract attention!  Just by raising my own personal bar by trying to make what could have been a simple announcement into something fun translated into over 1,000 Views in 24 hours!  It doesn't hurt that my subject/client is so like-able and allows me a great deal of freedom to be the best me I can be, but THAT'S what I call creative marketing!

So what are you  doing to raise your marketing bar?  The most common roadblock small or medium sized businesses create is the misconception that shooting your personal videos can be too expensive.  That's not always true and more importantly, what is growing awareness for your business worth to you?  

We try to find ways to make this work financially.  One of the business models I have been working with has been lowering the financial burden by committing to more than one video.  I think that this is a win for businesses because just one video can come and go, but if you put in the effort to create several, then you've already created a library to recycle.  So you actually win twice!  If you'd like to jump on this marketing rocket ship and start creating videos that work for your business, contact us to begin chatting.  And in case you haven't seen this film, here's another look.

 Enjoy!  We did!

You're more than what you do!

     One of our films with Buckley Jolley Real Estate Team last year.  This is a great example of how I try to help my clients reach people beyond the obvious of what they do.  There's more here in this video than meets the eye, and I'm not talking about the graphics.  I spend a good deal of time listening to clients, asking questions and developing concepts that go beyond a simple "this is what we do" video.  My wife says to me all of the time, in one way or another "your experience of being an actor and director for so many years is such a game-changer".  The true game-changers are the clients that trust that experience and trust that my ability of knowing how to reach people and attain their goals in this "video is a must" internet age.  

Enjoy! And have a great day!

Don't fear being creative!

Whether it's in the images you're posting on Facebook or on your website or the video content you share, being creative captures and holds people's attention.  But not just ANY video.  It should tell a story, have impact and get people to want to know more.  

But remember this - You wouldn't grab a hammer to change a lightbulb or use a screwdriver to pound in a nail.  The point: get someone that has all the right tools to help you attract attention and grow your business!

Have a great day!


Even Light Design has a story

You think designing lights for a company like LeClerc Light Design might be limited in showing what they do?  Well think again!  Showing HOW they affect your product affects people in action is a story in itself!